Intermediaries / Agents

Are you looking for information on behalf of a third party seeking ad hoc or regular IT services?

Or are you an agency despairing of ever satisfying that one demanding client who keeps asking for a part-time Technology Manager?

The client who only needs someone for a few days' or weeks' work?

Or the one who can't justify an FTE compensation package for an IT Manager, but still needs the same on-tap, on-call access to one?

Or perhaps you run (or represent) an IT firm? Your company may have won a new contract with a financial firm and you need someone with the right experience to perform the work – or just to support you during the initial stages.

Andrew Young Technology may be the perfect solution – and at a modest percentage of the cost of a full-time employee. Contact us to talk about providing our services on a consultancy basis, either in-house or externally. We're used to working with agencies and we understand how important your clients are to you.

If Andrew says it will be done, then it will be done. I trust him to just go away and make it happen. I was able to stand back confident that Andrew was reliably leading my team.