• We are open about any commission payments offered by third-party suppliers and (wherever possible) we inform our clients of these in advance of any proposed transaction, so that clients can make an informed choice.
  • In a potential conflict of interest situation, we operate a policy of transparency, and put our clients' interests ahead of corporate gain.
  • Contracts and agreements with third-party suppliers are established in the client's name (unless the client requests otherwise); we never prevent a client from contacting a supplier directly if they want to. Clients are not tied to us in any way.
  • We are committed to ethical behaviour and our core values – honesty, integrity and transparency – underpin our dealings with customers, third-party suppliers and contractors, and all relevant authorities.
  • We treat information provided to us by our clients with the same care and respect we accord our own data.


eth•ics The discipline dealing with what is good and bad or right and wrong and with moral duty and obligation...A group of moral principles or set of values…The principles of conduct governing an individual or profession.

Webster’s Dictionary