What Makes Us Different?

  • It goes without saying that we have first-class qualifications, strong hands-on experience in the field and continuing membership of professional bodies. But our values are just as important as our skills. Some people consider trust, honesty and integrity to be out-dated concepts. We don't. We still believe that business can be done on the strength of a handshake.
  • We are totally independent. Our loyalties are with you, rather than who pays the biggest commission. We can tell you straight what is in your interests – in as much or as little detail as you want. Our advice will always be impartial and unbiased. We can't imagine doing business any other way.
  • Our clients’ needs always come first. We’re never too proud to refer you to the appropriate professional if we genuinely feel you would benefit from specialist advice on any subject.


Prior to AYT's involvement we had a succession of IT consultants. I knew we had made a good decision to work with Andrew when the team immediately stopped moaning about IT.