Andrew Young Technology was founded by Andrew Young in 2005.

Andrew graduated with a degree in Computer Science and has worked for over 11 years with some of the most demanding technology users in the country: the highly-regulated and intense financial markets industry. Andrew's firm belief that IT should be done properly is born out of seeing (and having to unravel) work done by some elements of the industry, as he explains here:

"It became clear to me that there is a lack of professionalism in IT. I founded AYT in response to this chronic problem. We focus on being dependable, responsive, and trustworthy. We also believe that being independent is key.

Independent technology advisers are thin on the ground. How many do you know? As we are independent, we are not afraid to stop recommending suppliers when the product or service falls short." [Cont'd]


Andrew is a qualified computer scientist in his twelfth year practising and maintains membership of the handful of professional bodies which exist. He increasingly feels that the technology industry needs to be regulated.