Private Clients

Running a 21st-century home or private office has its challenges. The technological landscape is constantly shifting. Wi-Fi or Broadband Over Power Lines? Netbook or iPad? Traditional telephone lines or VOIP? You and your family need to know there's someone you can turn to for impartial advice – and support when it's needed.

Let Andrew Young Technology take the strain. We can advise on what's available and what will work with your setup. We can take the hassle out of the buying process by interacting with retailers on your behalf. We can manage the installation – from single devices to entire home–based systems. And we can – of course – provide you with support on tap.

Talk to us about appointing Andrew Young Technology as your family's independent technology adviser. We can bring the benefits of structured IT thinking to your private home.


Case Study

25 June 2012, 11:56 am: A client calls us - he's had a break-in and both his laptops have been stolen.

Thirty-one minutes later, 12:27: We have re-set his passwords, provided the necessary laptop serial numbers to the police, commenced a restore of his data from a secure remote facility in Zurich, and started talking about what new equipment he might buy in a few days' time.