Corporate continued

We are not a sales organisation. We don't make our money on re-selling you goods and services. But we can advise on purchasing decisions and deal with suppliers on your behalf – if that's what you want. Not that we claim to be expert in every product, service and provider on the market. We are not – and we would be very sceptical of any firm that said they were. We're not too proud to refer you to the appropriate specialist if that's what you need. But we keep an eye on new offerings as they emerge and we take a special interest in how such developments affect FCA-regulated firms and their people.

In addition to the traditional IT installation and support services, we can help with:

  • disaster recovery planning/business continuity planning
  • recruitment of IT employees
  • regulatory, compliance and legal issues as they relate to IT
  • supplier/vendor relationship management
  • technology project leadership


AYT have structured, installed and maintained all our office IT and telecoms and the documentation of our IT infrastructure. The latter was essential for our FSA approval and AYT did an extremely solid job on this.