FOUNDER continued

"We can and do recommend the best solutions for you based on in-depth knowledge of your circumstances – not just your technology circumstances, but the whole picture of your home or business: the way you like things done, your future plans, your likes and dislikes. And not on who is paying us the bigger commission.

We lay out a true assessment of the viable options, with the pros and cons of each. True, this may involve presenting solutions which give us less chargeable work to do, or a more boring project to undertake, but we do it that way because it's right.

So many IT firms are working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, which just isn't practical. Computers, smartphones, printers, the Internet and email don't all suddenly stop working at 4.59pm each day. So ability to access a trusted professional technologist shouldn't stop at that time either. At Andrew Young Technology it's our policy never to turn phones off.

Too many small IT businesses take no account of risk, resilience, the knock-on impact of decisions, how manageable or supportable things are, and the HR and legal implications of technology decisions, not to mention the overall long-term sustainability of proposed solutions. This is, in short, because most of them have never worked in regulated or professional environments. We have."


Andrew is a qualified computer scientist in his twelfth year practising and maintains membership of the handful of professional bodies which exist. He increasingly feels that the technology industry needs to be regulated.