Private Clients continued

Can I call you outside of office hours?
Clients often talk to us in the evenings or at weekends – many find Sunday afternoons or after 10pm to be the ideal quiet time to focus on any technology matters requiring their attention. We believe in meeting our clients' needs as flexibly as possible. And the occasional 3am call goes with the territory – in an emergency, of course.

What if I want to upgrade, my needs change, or I move house?
Not a problem. We're here to help you adapt to your changing life circumstances.

Can AYT support my home office? my second home? my property overseas? my business?
While our clients tend to be London-based, we can cover the entire UK. We've supported clients with homes in Devon, Hertfordshire, Bristol, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Warwickshire, and we are often in the north of the country too. We've travelled to clients' sites in Europe, the US – and even worked remotely on a project in Mumbai, India. Why not get in touch to discuss how we might meet your particular needs?


Case Study

25 June 2012, 11:56 am: A client calls us - he's had a break-in and both his laptops have been stolen.

Thirty-one minutes later, 12:27: We have re-set his passwords, provided the necessary laptop serial numbers to the police, commenced a restore of his data from a secure remote facility in Zurich, and started talking about what new equipment he might buy in a few days' time.